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John Dugan offers online SSAT and HSPT prep courses and was struggling to generate leads through their digital marketing efforts, both locally and nationally. They were uncertain of how to effectively reach their target audience and optimize their marketing strategy to generate more leads. The tutor was also dealing with low conversion rates, meaning that even when potential customers did visit their website or social media pages, they were not converting into actual leads or customers. This caused frustration for the tutor and they sought guidance on how to improve their digital marketing efforts and generate more leads.


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One problem that an Mr Dugan was facing with regards to digital marketing was a lack of visibility on search engines. Despite offering high-quality prep courses and having a well-designed website, the tutor was struggling to attract new students through organic search traffic. This was likely due to the fact that the website was not ranking well for relevant keywords, and as a result, it was not appearing on the first page of search results for many relevant queries. This made it difficult for potential students to discover the website, and it was hindering the tutor's ability to reach their target audience and grow their business.

Our Solution:

To solve this digital marketing problem, Apprised mplemented a number of strategies to improve their website's search engine optimization (SEO). This included conducting keyword research to identify the most relevant and popular terms that potential students might use when searching for prep courses, and optimizing the website's content and meta tags to include these keywords. Apprised also made sure to create high-quality, relevant content that would be valuable to their target audience and would help to establish the website as a trusted resource in the industry. In addition, Apprised engaged in link building efforts to help improve the website's authority and credibility with search engines. As a result of these efforts, the website began to climb in the search rankings and started to attract more organic traffic from search engines, leading to increased visibility and more new students.

How We Did It:
  • Website Design & Dev
  • Local SEO
  • National SEO
  • Social Retargeting
  • Google Ads
  • Youtube Ads
Project Info :
Client :
Mr Dugan
Category :
Website Design & Dev, SEO, Local SEO, PPC
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Location :
Maryland, NY
Mr Dugan30+ Year Teacher

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